In less than 5 minutes you can write and index a professional article

The tool is a simple tool that helps and accelerates the work of writing an article from the contents of your interest and related to your industry of belonging. In addition, each article created will have features to position high in the approval ratings of the Search Engines to start from Google.

Text Generator helps you find new ideas, suggest, speeds up to you and your rewards with little effort as soon as you publish an article on your website or blog Google will appreciate it very much .. I would be happy if you also appreciate you. Good job ! Read Guide Text Generator.

Why the articles are SEO Friendly ?

Text Generator suggests portions of text derived from the analysis of the best web sites indexed on Google in the corresponding research. The number of analyzed websites can range from about 1,000 up to over 20,000 for the proposed topic.

A powerful algorithm selects common keywords to web sites with greater visibility and returns a list of keywords from which the suggested periods are obtained.

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Rules of Conduct

In order to make legal and SEO Friendly Articles created with Text Generator it is essential to be very careful to remove any person names or trademarks prensenti in the suggestions provided by the app.
Not exploit Text Generator to compose articles constructed alone copy-paste, put yours !

We disclaim any unauthorized use of the system and we reserve the right to exclude from the use of the app ip addresses and / or users who use this very powerful tool in a manner inconsistent with the Italian laws without providing further communications.

Why Text Generator is Freeware ?

Text Generator is free because for me it was fun to create this app and because the study is that I think this project will have in a future not far wide of useful applications.


The passion for SEO and the World Wide Web has inspired me to create and make freely available for anyone who wants a simple and useful app that can help you tell a dream and index it to the fullest.

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